Is Outsourced Distribution Right for You?

Posted by Brendan Bishop
Order Picking Worker With Box in Fulfillment Warehouse

by Brendan Bishop

As a business owner, it can be a difficult decision to make the switch to outsourced distribution. With your profits and customer satisfaction in mind, why might outsourced distribution be right for your company?

The Outsourcing Difference

When you choose an outsourced distribution team to fulfill your e-commerce shipping needs, your business receives much more than just warehouse space. A 3PL (Third Party Logistics) partner, gives you access to an experienced team who can service all of your logistics, shipping strategy, and customer service needs. 

From the moment your business chooses to outsource distribution, your day-to-day operations will change completely. With your product safely in the hands of an outsourced distribution partner, you can focus on running your business. To simplify it, here’s 3 reasons to make the switch to outsourced distribution. 

  1. Financial Freedom
  • When you choose a third party logistics provider, your profits and capital are no longer locked up in purchasing warehouse space. The freedom that comes from choosing to outsource your distribution will allow you to focus solely on the growth of your business. 
  1. Time 
  • Choosing an outsourced fulfillment warehouse give you the ability to devote your time and energy to business related activity, not whether or not your customer received their package. 
  1. Scalability
  • As a business owner, you’ve seen the regular fluctuations in your market. With a third party logistics partner, you will not have to worry about paying for empty warehouse space or rushing to find extra room. 3PL partners are designed to grow with your business. 
  1. Experience
  • A 3PL partner provides so much more than just warehousing services. A third party logistics partner exposes your business to an extensive list of industry contacts and experience. 

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