Customer Service

Going the Extra Mile for Your Customers with the Help of Our CSR Desk

Your products can be the best in the business but if your company doesn’t present a professional image when dealing with customers that excellence goes nowhere.  But for many companies, their customer service needs, while vital, simply don’t justify a full time staff person.  And for international companies, they may desperately need an intro into the U.S. market.  That is where Distribution Direct’s CSR Desk comes in.

Our Customer Service Representatives study your products and your policies so that when they answer your customer inquiries either by phone or email, it is as if your customer is speaking directly with your company.

Our CSR Desk is that extra touch that will put your products on the map and keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Representing your company via phone and email
  • Answering all your customer or sales force inquiries
  • Resolving product questions or order issues such as back orders and returns
  • Supporting your sales representatives
  • Putting real-time inventory and sales information at your fingertips
We will secure a 1-800 customer service line for you and can provide a customer service email address to you.  Or to support your brand image, your existing customer service email address can be pointed directly to our CSR Desk to seamlessly handle all inquiries.

Contact Distribution Direct today to find out more about how our CSR Desk can go to work for you and your customers.

Distribution Direct Sales and Customer Relations Office:  704-502-6279