Entrusting your goods to us ensures peace of mind and room to grow

When outsourcing your warehouse and fulfillment needs, you want and need a partner who takes your business as seriously as you do. Distribution Direct is that partner.

With a 150,000 square foot warehouse located within minutes of Charlotte, NC, a major US shipping hub, we provide a safe, secure and clean space for your products. It’s easily accessible to major truck, rail and sea routes. We are designed to expand, so as you grow, your warehouse space at Distribution Direct can grow right along with you.

Designed to expand, Distribution Direct will grow with your business and provide a trustworthy approach to warehousing and fulfillment. We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to allow you to focus on your business. Our warehouse can conform to ‘Big Box’ store regulations for shipping. On top of this, we are FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) capable. This means wherever your products are sold, Distribution Direct has the ability to provide you with efficient and accurate service.

Our warehouse Features

  • Strategic location in a major shipping hub for North America
  • Over 150,000 square feet of storage space, with room for expansion
  • Secure location with security monitoring 24/7
  • Accessible for rail cars with our very own rail spur
  • Just a few hours from the major international port of Charleston, SC
  • Within minutes of major freeways
  • Fully trained and experienced staff

Fulfillment Services

Our warehouse management system (WMS) is designed for 100% order accuracy which
ensures your customers receive what they ordered, on time. Our extensive quality assurance checks along with numerous pick, pack, and ship stations allow our staff the ability to double check orders for item, SKU and quantity. The same care is taken on each order whether you have 1 order per day or 5,000.

Distribution Direct understands that with each order an important customer is anxiously awaiting its delivery.

That is why our tag line is “Right To Your Customer’s Door”.

At Distribution Direct, we pride ourselves on exceeding your customers’ expectations. We label and ship your consumer orders under your identity, not ours. Each order includes, if you want, your branded packing slip and an email ship notification, which is sent to your customer as their order ships, at no additional charge. We know that in today’s world, when people place an on-line order their next question is “when will I receive my package?”. We recognize and address the importance of these proactive communications to your customer.

Whether your orders are coming from a third-party sales system, input into an order template, or received via phone/email. Distribution Direct offers flexible solutions and can exchange data files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand “Big Box” Compliance. Our innovative business-to-business solution meets the EDI fulfillment and routing requirements of major retail chains. Distribution Direct can receive, store and ship your truckloads, pallets or cartons as the distribution arm of your company. This includes pallet tagging, product labeling, and advance ship notifications (ASNs).

We know and understand that your customer may need to exchange or return a purchase. Therefore reverse logistics and handling product returns are vital components that Distribution Direct does not overlook. 

Distribution Direct carefully monitors any and all returns, which will help you maintain customer satisfaction and retention. Each return is inspected and reported within 24 hours of receipt.

Our reporting tools allow you to quickly respond and resolve your customer’s return. We work with you to establish the appropriate criteria to determine the returned product disposition. Whether product returns are refurbished and returned to stock, disassembled for parts, returned to the manufacturer or disposed, we work with our clients to define cost-effective return management.

Distribution Direct offers the following reverse logistics services:

  • Product Returns
  • Disposal
  • Product Refurbishment
  • Scrap and Recycle

Distribution Direct’s fulfillment services have one goal: accuracy. Our experienced staff prides themselves on getting it right the first time, and every time. Distribution Direct’s fulfillment processes have been perfected over the years to provide your business with seamless fulfillment services. 


Our standards revolve around your business. Our fulfillment services are built to satisfy every detail of your customer experience. Distribution Direct is able to customize our services to meet your expectations and brand strategies. Our transparent and detail oriented approach will exceed your expectations every time. Our relationships with freight forwarders and custom brokers allows our company to provide you with seamless international air and sea shipments, along with ‘Less than Truckload’ orders. We have the ability to adjust our processes to your company’s needs. 

Not sure which solutions best fit your business needs?


Your product is valuable. Our warehouse is alarmed, with cameras so we can protect your goods and our team.


We understand that the life of an entrepreneur is not a Monday to Friday existence. Our web-based system provides our clients with access to their data 24/7, 365 days a year.


Our team has years of experience, and we've built a team you can trust. But more importantly, we are a company of lifelong learners.

For more information on specific shipping options and the carriers that Distribution Direct trusts with your products, contact us at sales@distributiondirect.com 

Distribution Direct Sales and Customer Relations Office:  704-727-7119