Finding the Right 3PL Provider

Posted by Brendan Bishop

The key to finding the best 3PL service provider for your business. 

by Brendan Bishop 

A 3PL is the link between your customers and your business. When executed properly, a  3PL service controls your distribution and fulfillment services, while you focus on the growth of your business. If your business has reached a fork in the road and it is time to hire a 3PL provider, then it is important to know the basics of what makes the right provider for you.

Choosing a 3PL Provider

You already know what a 3PL partner can do for you, but what makes each provider different?  We’ve compiled a checklist of points to keep in mind as you choose the right provider for you. 

  1. Size
  • It’s important to assess the growth capability of your business before choosing a provider. Does your 3PL partner have the space and resources necessary to handle your product during peak sales? 
  1. Vision
  • Can your 3PL partner align with the goals of your business? Whether you are national, international, or regional, your 3PL partner must have the right grasp on the market you are aiming at. The services you require will differ greatly between these markets, so it is important to have a firm vision of what your business needs. 
  1. Stability and Experience
  • The Third Party Logistics Market relies on trust. It is not an easy decision for a business owner to put their customer’s satisfaction into the hands of a third party. Keep this in mind when choosing a 3PL partner. Does the 3PL provider have a track record of success? Does the 3PL provider have experience handling products similar to yours?

These are three important things to keep in mind when enlisting a 3PL partner. If you’re thinking about taking your business to the next level, an experienced 3PL service can help. If your business is experiencing sustained growth, you are short on warehouse space, or in need of a partner to aid in handling high volume sales periods, it may be time to do some research into what 3PL service provider is right for you. 

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