Handling Your Toughest Tasks is Our Favorite Task

We specialize in helping you prepare and present your products exactly as you want them to be and exactly when you most need our help.

Kitting and Assembly

Distribution Direct is committed to providing our clients consistent, accurate, on budget, and on-time product assembly. We offer kitting, product augmentation, End Cap and Display construction and stocking, assemble-to-order and almost any special project you need. No job is too unique. Small or large volumes, we view each job as an opportunity to grow and excel.

Special Projects

Life and business can be unpredictable. And sometimes, what you describe in your business plan so concisely doesn’t quite work that way in the real world. We understand, and we are here to support your urgent needs and special projects. Whether you are one of our regular customers or a company that needs assistance for a one time project, Distribution Direct can help.

Seasonal Items

Most companies find that their workflow ebbs and flows with the seasons depending on their product. Distribution Direct has a team ready to help with that “big push” no matter what time of year.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all your special projects and seasonal needs.

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