Fulfillment Services

Getting it Right the First Time, Making Your Customers Happy Every Time

Precise and timely order fulfillment is vital to your success because fast and accurate shipping means happy and loyal customers. Distribution Direct makes that happen by using the right systems and processes that get the job done right the first time.  We provide a seamless and complete turnkey fulfillment solution with a team whose one and only goal is to exceed your expectations every time.

Our clients’ business rules are used to develop standards for our order fulfillment that cover every detail of their customer experience. Distribution Direct is able to customize our service solutions to support our clients’ brand strategies, and represent them in a completely seamless and transparent manner.

Pick N Pack

Our warehouse management system (WMS) is designed for 100% order accuracy which ensures your customers receive what they ordered, on time. Our extensive quality assurance checks and numerous pick-pack and ship stations allow our staff the ability to double check orders for item, SKU and quantity.The same care is taken on each order whether you have 1 order or 5,000 per day.


Distribution Direct understands that with each order an important customer is anxiously awaiting its delivery. That is why our tag line is “Right To Your Customer’s Door”. At Distribution Direct, we pride ourselves on exceeding your customers’ expectations.We label and ship your consumer orders under your identity, not ours. Each order includes, if you want, your branded packing slip and an email ship notification, which is sent to your customer as their order ships, at no additional charge. We know that in today’s world, when people place an on-line order their next question is “has my order shipped” and “when will I receive what I ordered”? We know the importance of these proactive communications to your customer.

Whether your orders are coming from a third-party sales system, input into an order template, or are received via phone or email or some combination of the above– Distribution Direct offers flexible solutions and can exchange data files, as many and as often as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We understand “Big Box” Compliance. Our innovative business-to-business solution meets the EDI fulfillment and routing requirements of major retail chains. Distribution Direct can receive, store and ship your truckloads, pallets or cartons as the distribution arm of your company, including pallet tagging, product labeling, and advance ship notifications (ASNs).

Returns and Reverse Logistics

We know and understand that your customer is always right, and therefore reverse logistics and how product returns are handled is a vital component that a lot of companies overlook. Distribution Direct carefully monitors any and all returns, which will help you maintain customer satisfaction and retention.Distribution Direct ensures that each return is inspected and reported within 24 hours of receipt. Our reporting tools allow you to quickly respond and resolve your customer’s return. We work with you to establish the appropriate criteria to determine the returned product disposition. Whether product returns are refurbished and returned to stock, disassembled for parts, returned to the manufacturer or disposed, we work with our clients to define cost-effective return management.

Distribution Direct offers the following reverse logistics services:

  • Product Returns
  • Disposal
  • Product Refurbishment
  • Scrap and Recycle

For more information on specific shipping options and the carriers that Distribution Direct trusts with your products, click here.

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