Words of Wisdom from the Shipping Department…

Welcome to Distribution Direct’s Blog! We’ve been planning this blog for a while now, and thought today would be the perfect day to launch.

We’ve called our blog “Shipping Department Wisdom” for a couple of reasons. First, in many ways, that is how we view ourselves and our core business. We operate as our customers shipping department, and extension of their business, working hard for their success. Although we are a separate entity, we feel that we are an integral part of their operations. The worker bees in the background making it happen.

Second, we feel, from our years of experience, we have collected some wisdom along the way. We believe the key to success in business is sharing ideas and knowledge.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing information on our industry that will help you in your decision making for your own business. We hope you join our conversation!

Check Back soon to find out more….

Have a great weekend,

The Shipping Department