Warehousing Services

Entrusting Your Goods to Us Ensures Peace of Mind and Room to Grow

When outsourcing your warehouse and fulfillment needs, you want and need a partner who takes your business as seriously as you do. Distribution Direct is that partner.

With a 150,000 square foot warehouse located within minutes of Charlotte, NC, a major US shipping hub, we provide a safe, secure and clean space for your products.  It’s easily accessible to major truck, rail and sea routes.  And it’s designed to expand, so as you become more successful, your warehouse space at Distribution Direct can grow right along with you.

Our Warehouse Features:

  • Strategic location in a major shipping hub for North America
  • Over 150,000 square feet of storage space, with room for expansion
  • Secure location with security monitoring 24/7
  • Accessible for rail cars with our very own rail spur
  • Just a few hours away from the major international port of Charleston, SC
  • Within minutes of major freeways
  • Fully trained and experienced staff

Contact us today to see how we can accommodate your specific warehousing needs.

Distribution Direct Sales and Customer Relations Office:  704-502-6279