Making it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Your Customers

Happy Holidays ornamentIt may still just be November but for several weeks now, at stores and malls all over the country, the holiday music has been pumping out of speakers, subliminally telling shoppers over and over again – “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with the kids jingle belling, and everyone telling you be of good cheer.”   

But as endearing as Andy Williams’ lyrics are, let’s face facts – sometimes this time of year is just plain hectic, harried and hurried.   Rather than the proposed cheery, stressed and frenzied is often the frame of mind of the callers who contact your customer service line this time of year to order an item, check on the status of an order, or arrange a return.

People are choosing online and catalog holiday shopping more and more each year because it reduces some of that holiday stress.  You can make this holiday season that much more wonderful for your customers by ensuring that when they contact your customer service department they talk with a friendly and courteous person who can satisfy their requests to their complete satisfaction.

Take a few tips from the Customer Service Representatives who man Distribution Direct’s CSR Desk.  Here is how they suggest you fulfill your customers’ wishes this holiday season no matter whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other shopping day leading up to Christmas.

For the typical stressed holiday shoppers and callers, give them…

  • A prompt response to their call by picking up within the first few rings
  • A friendly voice on your end of the call that greets them with your name and asking them how you can help them
  • The respect of your complete attention throughout the call that isn’t distracted by emails or other disruptions
  • A bit of sunshine by smiling while you talk with them, which with most callers will make them smile back
  • Their three favorite phrases – please, thank you and I’m sorry

And for the hopping mad callers, they need a little extra attention so give them…

  • A calm and composed person who really listens to their issue or complaint
  • The benefit of the doubt that their issue or complaint is very real and valid to them
  • An empathetic voice who seeks clarification of the issue for complete understanding
  • A sincere apology because remember ‘the customer is always right’
  • A viable solution that is carried out quickly and to their satisfaction

It’s a sure bet that your customers will like these gifts just as much as any stocking stuffer they receive.  And that means, return shoppers long after the holiday rush is over.