Thinking Outside the Box About Boxes…

We believe the best way to attract new clients is to share our knowledge. No fancy ads or videos. Old fashioned service. If we show you we understand the business and we are focused on saving you money and time, maybe you will decide to work with us. Too many companies try to lure in new clients with a smoke and mirrors campaign. The clients signs a contract, only to find out that the company really only cares about their monthly payment, not their business.
We think differently around here.
That said, I wanted to share with you some things we have learned from about shipping your products from overseas, and boxes.We have a lot of clients that import their goods from overseas. They import anything from Men’s and Women’s Apparel to Beach Furniture and Accessories. Their products arrive at our warehouse in containers and we unload them
and prepare them for shipping to their customers.

We’ve noticed an interesting way of saving money and time by planning ahead, and thought we would pass it along.

When You are making plans with the manufacturer that is building and shipping your goods from overseas, think about how you will send your product out to your end user customer when it gets here to the United States. Meaning, think about the box you will be using to ship your product.

The reason?
If you can get your manufacturer to package your goods into a reliable end user box that is “UPS or FedEx” sturdy, you can save a ton of money by not having to buy separate boxes to ship out your orders.
Let me share some examples.
Smart Ordering Leads to Overall Savings
One of our clients imports chairs from China. They used to get the chairs shipped in light weight boxes, four to a box. When they arrived, our staff would unpack them and put them in individual boxes for shipment to customers. The client thought this through, and adjusted their ordering to have the chairs shipped in individual boxes to save costs. Now this client orders and receives the chairs in individual boxes with their own logo on each box. They do have to pay a little extra for the individual boxes, but nothing compared to the cost of buying the additional individual boxes when they arrive in the United States.
Order Boxes in Bulk to Ship With Your Products in Your Container
Another client imports Sports Coats in a GOH Container (Garments On Hangers) What they do is also bring in their shipping cartons flat and on the floor of the container. This way they get a great cost for these boxes, and fill what would have been a void in the container. We then assemble and pack the boxes here and ship the garments out for them.

Ensure the Quality of the Boxes Used So You Can Use Them Again

If you are importing your goods in larger boxes to reduce the number of boxes on a container knowing you have to break down the goods once they arrive at your warehouse domestically, consider having this larger box be able to be used again to ship your larger orders. Insist they have a box that acceptable to send out again, without the markings and writing on it, and a suitable grade for domestic shipping.
In today’s economy, we know how important each and every penny is for your company’s success. Take some time to think outside of the box about your boxes today.
Check back soon for more helpful tips from the Shipping Department!