The Power of Automation – What’s a WMS to You?

bigstock_Solutions_2750008Last month in Just Out of the Box, we focused on the ideal geographic location for warehouse, fulfillment and distribution – the Charlotte metropolitan area. This month, we are turning your attention to the automated vehicle that has the ability to move your merchandise faster, smoother and more accurately – an On Demand Warehouse Management System (WMS).

When considering a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL), one of the first topics to be addressed is their WMS. Your questions should include…

  • What type of WMS is the distributor using?
  • Can the third party logistic provider’s WMS fully integrate with your own systems from day one?
  • What type of inventory management is available with the WMS?
  • Is the WMS web-based for easy and convenient access 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • What customer service features does the WMS automatically provide?

For small and medium sized businesses, the ideal relationship allows you to benefit from the 3PL’s investment in automation without having to invest, install and upkeep a WMS yourself. When that happens, the benefits to your business, both real and long lasting, include:

  • More efficient operations, which reduces costs per order thereby increasing revenue
  • The ability to grow your customer base faster and more effectively, expanding your reach within the marketplace
  • Increased customer satisfaction because their orders are shipping faster and more accurately and with timed-just-right automated communications

Stay tuned all month long as we continue discussing how the right WMS can positively impact your merchandise movement, including the impact of the WMS on order placement and fulfillment, inventory control and customer service.