Spurring Small Business Growth, It’s Just Our Way

cardboard box top view

Let’s go from here – one box

It is every small business’ dream – go from selling (and shipping) at least one product a day to fulfilling hundreds of product orders a day.

For most it doesn’t happen overnight. For some it never happens. For the lucky, it happens at just the right time when all the pieces are in place and you can handle the influx of orders and reap the rewards of your success.

In the e-commerce and Internet retail industry, putting all the pieces into place is about more than just coming up with a great product (although that is crucial). Your processes and presentation need to be spot on ensuring synergy between your efficiency and your
brand image.


And add a few more – now things are moving

So let’s talk about processes and presentation.

Small Business Processes

When a customer places an order for your product, they don’t care how you pull it off. They just want it to arrive quickly and safely. But Distribution Direct does care how you pull it off because we know that if there is a hiccup in your plant and the order doesn’t move smoothly, you’ve just lost a customer. And possibly all their friends and family too.

That is why the Distribution Direct team is willing to consult with our small business clients on their internal operations and processes. If you’re struggling to efficiently move your product through your assembly line, we’re willing to walk through it with you and find solutions that work. After all, we’ve got a lot of experience (try over ten years) at expertly moving goods from one place to another.

Small Business Product Presentation

Huge pile of cardboard boxes, forming a wall, ideal for backgrou

To here – where your product is really rolling with Distribution Direct on your side

Distinguishing yourself from the crowded marketplace can be particularly difficult for small businesses, which typically don’t have the capital and reach of large corporations. But it isn’t impossible.

A few years back, several of our small business clients came to us with this exact dilemma. Their products were of excellent quality, their pricing was appropriate but nothing was distinguishable from other brands, keeping them from gaining a strong foothold in the market.

The solution as we saw it was custom branding their products. Ah but these small business customers said we have no way of doing that within our operational setup. No problem we said. Distribution Direct can find a way to do it in our warehouse. And we did. And now those small business clients are moving lots of product everyday and distinguishing themselves with each order.

You see, at Distribution Direct we don’t believe in impossible. What we do believe in is our small business customers and their dreams. And we believe we can help them make those dreams happen by really getting to know our small business customers, helping our small business customers get to know each other, and of course spurring their growth and success.

It’s just our way! The Distribution Direct way!