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A WMS – Made to Order Via Website, Phone or Fax

Your business goal is to build your customer base as much as possible, as quickly as possible. In order to do that you offer daily deals, run BOGO promotions, advertise featured products and much more. And thank goodness, you think, it worked – the customer orders roll […]

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The Power of Automation – What’s a WMS to You?

Last month in Just Out of the Box, we focused on the ideal geographic location for warehouse, fulfillment and distribution – the Charlotte metropolitan area. This month, we are turning your attention to the automated vehicle that has the ability to move your merchandise faster, smoother and […]

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Don’t Let Today’s Snow Fool You – Charlotte Weather and Costs are Very Temperate

To hear the local media tell it, Charlotte had a major snow event last night and today – at about one to two inches of the white stuff.  That is certainly laughable to all the northern transplants in this city.  But in reality, the media isn’t wrong.  One […]

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Le Chameau Selects Distribution Direct to Be Its North American Operations Center

Distribution Direct announced today via PRLog that Le Chameau, the artisan French boot maker, has expanded its contract making Distribution Direct its North American operations center.  The full press release is available below. LE CHAMEAU SELECTS DISTRIBUTION DIRECT TO BE ITS NORTH AMERICAN OPERATIONS CENTER FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE […]

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Locating Your Distribution Center within Close Proximity to Your Customers

When thinking about the best possible geographic area to locate your distribution center, you have to consider multiple factors. The first factor is transportation flexibility and versatility. As we discussed last week, the city of Charlotte makes an ideal shipping center for businesses because of its easy […]

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Charlotte is Ideal Shipping Center for Your Business

While most know that Charlotte is home to the Carolina Panthers, Bank of America, Duke Energy and many more large and small businesses, few may be aware that this city’s history is steeped in trade. Dubbed the “crossroads of the Carolinas” in the 1960s, its tradition of […]

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Distribution Direct is Committed to Making 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Happy New Year from Distribution Direct.  Here is to hoping that 2014 is your most prosperous and successful year in business.  And the entire Distribution Direct staff is here to help you make that prognostication a reality through a variety of business solutions and services. Warehouse Solutions:  No […]

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Happy Holidays from Distribution Direct

To all the readers of Just Out of the Box and all of our Distribution Direct clients and partners, we wish you a holiday season filled with love and laughter, warmth and cheer and the company of good friends and family. And may the New Year bring […]

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Think of Holiday Returns as Opportunities

The holiday rush is almost over but quicker than you can wrap up this holiday season, the returns will start pouring in. For all our desire to find the perfect gift for our loved one, friend or colleague, holiday returns prove how little we really know what […]

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A Smile Goes a Long Way with Those Frenzied, Last Minute Shoppers

Every one has a procrastinating inclination and at the holidays, with everything else going on, more than a few of us choose to wait until the last minute to buy our holiday gifts. The advent of e-commerce has been both a blessing and a curse for the […]

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