Manage Business Growth with Smart Choices…

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.”- Bill Gates
One of the greatest things about being a successful entrepreneur is finding yourself at an explosive point in growth because of your hard work. Sure, we all close our eyes and visualize the moment, but sometimes we don’t think ahead about what exactly we will do when we get there.
At certain points in the lifespan of your business, you need to stop and take stock. Take a step back and view the situation from a different angle to make sure your decisions are sound.
Growth is one of those times. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have been burning the candle at both ends to make this happen. Now that it is happening, what should you do?
Simplify, hand off, delegate. The time of growth is not the time for you to try
and do it all yourself.

One opportunity for delegation is with your warehouse, storage and fulfillment costs. Perhaps you have been working from your home, or a small storage facility. The sales have been explosive, and you now have the growth you have dreamed about. Problem. You need to produce more, which means more storage space. You are shipping more, and need to hire someone instead of packing those boxes yourself.
Step back.
Look at this from a different angle.
Call us.
Instead of absorbing the cost for this increased storage and personnel costs yourself, consider a solution like Distribution Direct. By outsourcing, you save, on storage costs, staffing and most of all, headaches.
Growth is the time for you to focus on….well, growth. Do what you do best. Sell your vision and dream. Leave the rest for us.
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