Helping Small Businesses Get to Know Each Other, We Make It Happen

bigstock-Win-Win-Puzzle-Concept-45150766 (2)At Distribution Direct, we aren’t just interested in Getting to Know Small Businesses. We are also concerned with helping our small business clients find and get to know other like-minded, complementary businesses. This type of connection is a vital piece of the success puzzle, and we love making it happen.

For instance, we have a client who came to us as a start up with an excellent product that filled a role not available elsewhere in the market place. After risking it all to design this product, find a reliable manufacturer, and connect with Distribution Direct for warehousing, e-fulfillment, and distribution, the product just wasn’t moving. They were just struggling to break into the consumer consciousness.

Now, we could have just continued to bill them for the warehouse space and left it to them to figure out how to jump-start things. In fact many of the large corporate 3PLs would have no qualms doing just that. But here at Distribution Direct we truly want to see our clients succeed, and many times that takes a helping hand from us.

In this particular case, we noticed that this entrepreneur’s product was actually a perfect product fit for the e-commerce website of one of our well established clients. We connected the two and suggested that there was a win-win in this situation for both of them.

As it turned out, there was indeed a win-win. The entrepreneur gained a portal to the very consumer market for which the product had been designed, and the established Internet retailer gained a new versatile product without having to invest in its design or manufacture. Now both are enjoying strong sales and reaping the benefits of this win-win.

So many times, it is just that extra step that turns a faltering situation into a success. And although we don’t advertise this service on our website, it is indeed offered to all our clients. As we get to know you and your story, we will always look for connections that can help you take your business to the next level. And with our leadership team that has a vast network of connections built over many years, that is an invaluable service to small businesses not found at just any 3PL.

Want to here more about how Distribution Direct can help your small business to warehouse, e-fulfill, and distribute your merchandise? Contact us today by calling 704-502-6279 or filling out our short contact form. We can’t wait to hear your story!