Helping our Small Business Friends

bigstockphoto_Themed_Street_Sign_72078From one small business to another, April here at Distribution Direct’s blog Just out of the Box, is all about helping you drive in more business.  After all, together we, the small business owners in this country, number as many as 28 million, account for over 50% of the working population, and have created as much as 65% of net new jobs since 1995 according to 16 Surprising Statistics about Small Business, a Forbes magazine article by Jason Nazar.

Our family owned small business has been around for over ten years and because we provide outsourced warehouse, fulfillment and distribution services to other businesses, we’ve learned a lot in that time both from our own experience and that of our clients.  And this month, we want to share with you some of our best tips for driving in more business.

We’ll talk about communications and how important it is to stay in touch with your regular customers if you want to keep them as customers, and the various mediums you can use to effectively communicate with them.  We’ll elicit the advice of one of our trusted partners to discuss best practices for  e-commerce and search engine optimization.  And finally, we’ll discuss the importance of building your brand through a well thought out marketing plan.

But we know that we don’t have all the answers.  One of the secrets to our success as a small business has been our willingness to seek out and listen to experts in various fields.  Here are just a few of the resources we’ve discovered during our decade in business, which you might find helpful too:

  • The United States Small Business Administration or SBA:  This site is a treasure trove of information for anyone who is considering starting their own business or already in the throes of business ownership.  The SBA’s online tools include a business plan template, access to local resources, online training and much more.
  • Inc.:  With articles on every topic of business, you’re sure to find motivation, inspiration and more at this online business magazine.
  • Entrepreneur:  Another information-packed site that includes a Small Business Resource Center with everything from tips for getting financing to human resource management and growth strategies.
  • Your Local Chamber of Commerce:  Never underestimate the advantage of getting to know the business leaders in your own community, and your local chamber of commerce provides a great resource for that and many other things.
  •  This free online press release distribution site has one of the best reputations for helping generate search engine optimization results for your website through your press releases.
  • Vistaprint:  If you don’t have access to or know a local printer, Vistaprint offers affordable print services for everything from business cards to sales flyers and car magnets.

Stay tuned every week this month as we continue on this topic and hopefully help you drive in more business for your small business.