Getting to Know Small Businesses, That’s Just What We Do

bigstockphoto_Themed_Street_Sign_72078Last week’s post celebrated small business ownership and the entrepreneur’s declaration of independence in going out on their own.  In our ten years in the warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment industry, we have gotten to know a lot of these small businesses.  And we don’t just mean learning their business name, signing a contract for one of our services, and sending them an invoice every month.

We mean we know them, REALLY KNOW THEM.

As mentioned last week, although it isn’t a service specifically listed on our website, our ability, willingness and desire to get to know our small business clients is a service we take seriously and instill in every relationship.  Pardon us if this sounds as if we are bragging but we feel it is an important distinction that sets us apart from other third party logistics (3PL) providers.  Our goal in this statement is just to let you get to know Distribution Direct a little better – who we are, our story – because as your 3PL, our story relates directly to yours.

In the Beginning

Although we do engage larger companies for warehouse, distribution and fulfillment services, it is typically the mom and pops, the entrepreneurs and the start ups who contact us for advice along with those services.  Why?  Because as a family-owned business, we’ve been where they are and can empathize.  And we do.  This starts at the very beginning by asking questions, lots of questions about who they are, their company’s mission, the features of their existing products, their plans for future products, and their overall goals.

With this information, we’ve helped small business owners figure out the right time to move their business out of their home and get their products on a warehouse shelf for greater distribution reach.  We’ve helped international start ups figure out how to break into the US market without having to leave their home country.  And we’ve even helped small business owners break out on their own by giving them the confidence and know how to devise a business plan and follow through with it.

As Things Get Moving

Once we sign a contract with a small business for one of our services, we don’t leave you high and dry.  We continue to get to know you, discuss your plans with you, and help you figure out how to accomplish them.  And if that means figuring out a new way to do something on our end or yours, we make it happen.  That is how some of our recent service introductions came to be.  Offering customer service representation and e-commerce consulting are examples of changing things on our end to help our small business clients be successful on their end.

When the Growth Explodes 

And inevitably when you’ve got a good business plan in place, a desirable product, and a way to effectively distribute it, the growth does explode.  Of course that brings with it a new set of challenges that we help small businesses solve because we only feel successful when you’re successful.

Big or small, domestic or international, home or office based, we get to know our clients.  Can you say the same about your 3PL?