Finding a 3PL that Can Handle Special Requests

bigstockphoto_Entrepot_6010212All month long at Just out of the Box, we have been discussing small business logistics…

Small Business Logistics Simplified opened up the series.

Small Business Tips for Selecting a Warehouse for Your Products provided practical tips for performing due diligence on third party logistics providers (3PL) of warehousing.

And finally last week, we tackled Who Should You Trust with Your e-Commerce Fulfillment .

But often times, small and even medium-sized businesses need some additional help beyond warehousing, fulfilment and distribution. For instance, what happens when your business grows faster than you expected? Or you find yourself unprepared for a seasonal rush of orders? When searching for a 3PL, it is always good to find out if they can provide assistance for projects beyond storage and shipping, when and how you need it.

Thinking about this phase of the logistics chain is especially important for start up businesses. If you are trying to figure out how the final assembly of your merchandise will be achieved or how you will handle order fluctuations, then you need to include that in your equation for selecting the right 3PL for you. Look for a 3PL that can handle such special project tasks for you as these:

  • Overall product presentation: making sure your merchandise is packaged exactly the way you want it to be in order to build your brand image.
  • Product augmentation: attaching that final piece or pieces of the product for its end use that isn’t possible or feasible to do at the original manufacturing plant.
  • Kitting and Assemble-to-order: building out the product from the parts supplied by the manufacturing plant or plants.
  • End Cap and Display Construction: constructing and/or stocking the display fixtures for the merchants who will offer your merchandise.
  • Seasonal and Urgent Needs: helping you handle seasonal or unexpected rushes on product orders.

We’ll wrap our homage to National Small Business Week with one final thought on small business logistics simplified – don’t be afraid to enlist the help of experts in order to start, build and grow your small business. Banking off others’ expertise allows you to spend your time on your own area of expertise, a real win-win solution!bigstock-Win-Win-Puzzle-Concept-45150766 (2)