e-Commerce Trending: Going Mobile

bigstockphoto_Truck_At_Loading_Bay_5248340As the distribution and fulfillment provider for a variety of e-Commerce firms, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in the marketplace in order to share them with our clients. This month we’ve selected a few truly hot trends to share with all the Just Out of the Box readers.

First up is the mobile trend – mobile websites, mobile apps and mobile advertising. The big guys (Target, Walmart, etc) went mobile awhile back and the consumers followed in droves. They loved the option of shopping while literally on the go with their phones.  And now consumers want and even expect that mobile option from all of their favorite e-Commerce sites, which means it is time for the smaller e-Commerce firms to step into the mobile waters.

What does that encompass?

  1. Mobile website:  If, as a small business internet retailer, you can only afford to do one thing in the mobile category, this is it. IT is either creating an actual mobile website or adjusting your existing website so that consumers can actually use it from their mobile device.  A mobile website is a more condensed version of your website that is designed to allow the consumer to easily scan, scroll, read, and shop on the small screen of a smart phone or tablet.
  2. Mobile apps:  Taking mobile a step further is the e-Commerce mobile app.  Stores like Target and Walmart have created their own apps, Target cartwheel and Walmart Savings Catcher, which provide their customers with offers and deals all from the consumer’s mobile device.  While this may still be a fantasy for small businesses, it is no doubt a trend that will catch on with cost-conscious shoppers who will come to expect it from more than just the big guys.DailyDeal1
  3. Mobile advertising:  Mobile marketing is the wave of the future. Consumers carry their smart phones with them everywhere and seem to be constantly on them, so why wouldn’t you want to be there too advertising your merchandise.

Do you have questions about going mobile?  Distribution Direct’s e-Commerce consulting team can help you devise a mobile strategy that works with your budget and your business model.