Don’t Let Today’s Snow Fool You – Charlotte Weather and Costs are Very Temperate

To hear the local media tell it, Charlotte had a major snow event last night and today – at about one to two inches of the white stuff.  That is certainly laughable to all the northern transplants in this city.  But in reality, the media isn’t wrong.  One inch of snow once a year is about all Charlotte sees on the average year, making last night’s dusting an EVENT to those who live here.  This is just one more reason why Charlotte is an Ideal Shipping Center for Your Business, as we’ve been discussing all month.

The region’s temperate climate keeps it balmy more months out of the year than not.  The month with the coldest average low temperature (30 degrees) and coldest high temperature (51 degrees) is January.  At that point on the mercury, people in New York, Boston and Chicago would think it almost tropical.  And even when it does go below those norms, it is typically a short burst of cold that is quickly followed by sunshine and milder conditions.  All this fair weather means few to zero shipping hold ups due to inclement weather.

Possibly even more conducive to your shipping and distribution needs than Charlotte’s temperate weather is its temperate cost climate.  Check out just a few convincing facts and figures available from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce:

  • “(Charlotte area) employers’ costs for wages, benefits and labor overhead, such as worker’s compensation, unemployment and health insurance coverage, are significantly lower than in other regions.”
  • “Manufacturing firms that locate operations in Charlotte Mecklenburg will find a low-cost labor environment.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earnings of production workers in the Charlotte MSA for June 2012 was $16.01 per hour, lower than the national average.”
  • As a right-to-work state, North Carolina “has the lowest unionization rate in the nation.”  “Only 3% of Charlotte’s workforce is unionized.”
  • On the flip side, “worker productivity however is exceptionally high.  Studies show that N.C. workers produce more output per wage than their counterparts nationally.”

So what does this mean when you are looking for an appropriate distribution and shipping hub to get your goods to market – the lower labor costs in Charlotte, along with below-the-national-average commercial real estate costs, make it both affordable and achievable for any business to be in close shipping proximity to the majority of its customers.

And the temperate weather, that is just a bonus.  After all, yesterday’s snow event has all but disappeared less than twenty-four hours after it began, meaning FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service are all running business as usual today in picking up Charlotte area orders and routing them to their end destinations all across the U.S.