Cyber Monday – Will It Be Boon or Bust for Your Business

bigstock-Cyber-Monday-Sale-Tag-Holding--35952787 (2)Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you know what that means. Well yes, we all get to enjoy turkey and gravy but it also means that holiday shopping is officially ON. And this year, Thanksgiving falls late in the month on the 28th, leaving just 26 days between it and Christmas. Imagine all the purchases that shoppers will try to squeeze in during that time. Are you ready?

For businesses who rely on e-commerce, the big day is Cyber Monday, December 2nd this year. But don’t forget about Black Friday, it typically generates the second highest volume of online holiday shopping. Then, there is the week of December 9th, which anticipates will include five of the ten busiest days for e-commerce this year. Online retailers should expect a big shopping push from customers that week as they pick out last minute gifts and want to be reassured that their purchases will make it to their loved ones before Christmas Day. Will Cyber Monday and this holiday online shopping season be a boon or a bust for your business?

With such a short shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the planning and preparation you do over the next two weeks is the key to making sure it is a boon for your business.It all comes down to the Big 5, the key things to a happy holiday season for every retailer!

  1. The Deals: Get your sales promos out to your customers next week. Make sure they know your online store is in the game! You don’t want to be overlooked by shoppers because they think the deals are elsewhere.
  2. The Technology: Review your online store now to make sure it is functioning optimally and is ready to handle higher-than-usual volume. You don’t want to lose out on business because your site crashes.
  3. The Goods: Check your inventory supplies and make sure you are stocked up, especially on those “must have” items. You don’t want to send shoppers elsewhere because their desired item is on back order in your warehouse.
  4. The People: Staff up or take advantage of outsourced fulfillment options to handle the seasonal rush. You don’t want to get the orders and then not be able to fulfill them.
  5. The Trimmings: Make it all pretty! Talk to you customers so they know where their orders stand. Wrap their packages to their specifications. And get it all out the door and under that Christmas tree as quickly as possible. What you WANT is for your customers to remember that you did holiday e-commerce better than anybody else.