Customer Satisfaction Gets a Big Lift from a Good WMS

Quality GuaranteeAll month here at Just Out of the Box, we’ve been talking about warehouse management systems (WMS) and what they can do to streamline and improve a small, medium or large business’ order e-fulfillment and inventory management. In today’s impatient society everyone wants instant gratification; and so it is no longer enough to have a quality product.

No matter how innovative, convenient or affordable your product is, if your customers can’t easily order it, can’t avoid back orders and delays, and can’t track their order, they very easily get turned off and move on to another supplier or another product. And with the amount of competition on the market today, the likelihood of ever getting them back to your online shopping cart is likely slim to nil.

That puts the onus on you to not only offer a high quality product but to deliver a high quality customer experience. A WMS that fully integrates with your systems helps you do just that with minimal effort and maximum results.

Consider this, with a WMS system in place…

  • When a customer or sales rep is perusing your online store, they know immediately if the item they desire is in stock because the WMS provides real-time inventory tracking and control allowing them to avoid back-ordered items.
  • When a customer places their order via your online shopping cart it moves seamlessly and automatically to the WMS where it can be picked and packed for quick turnaround shipment in your warehouse.
  • And finally, once their order is placed, the WMS keeps the customer in the loop by sending automated notices that their order is in process, that it has shipped out, and what their tracking number is so they know exactly when to expect it.

In addition to making the customer happier, those automated notices reduce the number of calls your customer service staff has to handle after orders. About 90% of those calls are typically to ask “has my order shipped” and “what is my tracking number.” By eliminating those calls, your staff can focus on taking more new customer orders and fulfilling them to your customers’ ultimate satisfaction.

The technology is there, it is just a matter of capitalizing on it to your advantage!