Boxes, Boxes, Boxes, It’s All About Boxes

bigstockphoto_Stack_Of_Boxes_In_A_Warehouse_2342460That’s right; for the month of March, Just out of the Box is focused on boxes.  What the right kind of boxes and packaging can do for your business?  How they can improve your bottom line?  How they can protect your products?  How they can reduce delays in getting your product from the manufacturer’s door to your customer’s door?  How they can help you build your brand? And more!

Because here at Distribution Direct, we know a little something about boxes.  On any given day, we receive numerous master cartons of our clients’ merchandise, break them down per our clients’ instructions, secure them in our warehouse, and finally fulfill their customers’ internet orders and drop ship as many as 10,000 products.  That is a lot of boxes to handle in one day.

So we know boxes and want to share that knowledge with you.  Why?  Because when you pay attention to your packaging, whether it be your master cartons or your individual cartons, it pays dividends.  Consider the potential risks to your business when you use poor quality packaging:

  • Damage to your products during international transit
  • Product loss when a master carton breaks open during international or domestic transit
  • Delays in port when damaged or lost shipments impact container unloading
  • Cost of replacing master or individual cartons at your U.S. warehouse in order to meet U.S. shipping requirements
  • Delays in customer order fulfillment because of one, some or all of the above
  • Unhappy customers when their order is damaged because of flimsy packaging

Your products are your lifeline, so you specify every aspect of their manufacture.  The boxes and cartons they are packaged in deserve just as much attention because they are what protect your lifeline on the container ship, at the warehouse and in the UPS or FedEx truck on their way to your customer’s door.

Join us here every Wednesday this month as we dig into boxes, boxes, boxes with you to help you better protect your goods.